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Whether you are a developer, architect, land use attorney, city planner, or real estate broker, you can trust ZoneIQ to uncover the insights you need. Our industry-leading software and expert city planners run more than just site feasibility and market analysis studies; they research whatever is needed to ensure you have all the information needed to make well informed decisions. Real estate zoning should never again cause you headaches!

Site feasibility & market analysis for your needs

We Understand Brokers & Realtors…

Whether you’ve nabbed an exclusive listing or are representing a discerning real estate buyer, it’s important that understand whether or not a property is a good fit for a buyer’s needs. To do this, you’ll need to know the allowed uses for a property, if it has the potential for a re-zoning (and if a re-zoning would be beneficial), and if there are any limitations on proposed renovations your buyer may wish to do.

Zonar’s turnkey service will provide all the information your clients need about commercial and residential real estate, making you shine like a pro and putting you ahead of the pack. You can even use us to compile comprehensive reports to use in your pitch for exclusive listings.

Some of the insights we can provide include:

- Address, folio number, property records, and zone
- Map views of the parcel(s), showing abutting properties and zones
- Allowed land uses
- Flood zones
- Maximum lot capacity, customized to your project and needs
- Parking considerations
- Available permits and variances
- Incentives
- Other needs

Report Types & Pricing

ZoneIQ subscription is not required for reports.


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5+ reports

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