Very, Very Voyeuristic Glass Box Hits the Market for $1.9 Million in Midtown

Gridics Staff February 05, 2016 Listings
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This bright, white Loft in Midtown 2, listed yesterday for $1,990,000, takes natural lighting to the extreme, with glossy white floors to reflect the Miami sun after it floods in through huge two-story windows, and before it shines right through the glass interior walls.

The two-level 1,400 square foot space has a master bedroom upstairs, with a large open plan kitchen downstairs, next to extra almost-as-open-plan bedrooms flanking the huge main living space. Curtains are a necessity unless having no secrets is your thing. Each of the four bedrooms is a literal fish tank, with glass walls voyeuristically exposing all to the expansive living area, perfect for showing off to your roommates, or maybe adapting the space to office use. 

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