With Relaxed FAA Restrictions, SkyRise Miami Gets Even Taller

Gridics Staff February 24, 2016 Development Pipeline

With new, slightly relaxed Federal Aviation Administration restrictions affecting planned and under construction towers across Miami's urban core, the height of SkyRise Miami was approved yesterday by the FAA at a taller height of 1,045 feet, reports The Next Miami. It had previously been approved at 1,000 feet. This will make the waterfront observation tower, upon completion, the tallest building in Miami, on a technicality. That technicality, of course, is that it won't actually go any higher than any of the others recently approved to 1,049 feet above sea level (the FAA's cutoff point, for safe clearance from Miami International Airport), it will just start lower. On the face of it, this is not a great strategy with sea level rise knocking at the front door, so hopefully developer Jeff Berkowitz is taking precautions. The location, on a man-made wharf sticking out into Biscayne Bay, is only four feet above sea level.

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