The Plan to Turn the Rickenbacker Causeway Into 'Rickenbacker Park' is Now A Lot Bolder

Sean McCaughan January 18, 2016 Architecture & Design, Mobility & Transportation, Planning & Zoning, Urbanism
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Renderings via Zyscovich Architects

Miami-based architect Bernard Zyscovich has unveiled an expanded, bolder design for his Plan Z, a proposal to create a linear park and network of protected bicycle lanes along the length of the Rickenbacker Causeway to Key Biscayne. They're calling it Rickenbacker Park. New renderings show a shifting of the causeway roadbed on Virginia Key to accomodate a ten acre park, with greenery and a broad bicycle path, an iconic switchback-style ramp descending from the causeway bridge, and a 'grand entrance' created by a three-sided bicycle and pedestrian bridge linking to Alice Wainwright Park, South Miami Avenue, Brickell Avenue, and the Underline.

Michael Silvers 2 weeks ago
I have already commented about the originality of the idea, being born ten years ago from prof. Richard Moreta Castillo, when developing the Bicimetro Eco Bahn Project. I have combed through the whole Plan Z project, his website and all possible blogs, and it seems to address himself as the sole creator of the idea. Either there was a very poor research on the subject, which is shameful, or he found that previous design, and thought "what a great idea, let´s make it ours" hoping nobody will jump against it, which is even more shameful. Either negligence and abysmal development, or plain concept theft! Please Mr Zyskovich, contact Prof. Moreta Castillo and sort this impass. It will back-slap on you.
Felipe Azenha 19th January, 2016
This is way overdue. The Rickenbacker Causeway is not a safe place to ride a bicycle.

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