Miami Beach Installing Internet-Connected, Self-Compacting, Solar-Powered Trash Cans

Gridics Staff February 10, 2016 Planning & Zoning

In the future your garbage will be on the internet, and guess what? The future is here. The City of Miami Beach has installed 20 high-capacity Big Belly Waste & Recycling Stations around town in a pilot program to try out the newfangled trash bins of the future. Activist Michael DeFilippi posted in his Facebook group 'Clean Up Miami Beach' that the big grey bins have been spotted on Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, Washington Avenue, and Lincoln Road.

Produced by a company called Big Belly, these high capacity trash and recycling bins are self compacting to hold more rubbish. They are connected to the internet, alerting the garbage man when it's time to swing by, and they are solar powered, allowing lots of flexibility in placement. Whatever you think of their looks, these puppies can be given decorative wraps to make them blend in a bit.

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