Learn How Major Cities Analyze Zoning Feasibility & Reduce Plan Review Backlogs

Gridics Staff July 17, 2017 Events, Planning & Zoning, Technology, Urbanism

Over the past month, we've hosted city governments from 25+ states on our webinars to discuss the future of 3D zoning and planning.  Major metropolitan areas like the City of Miami are already using Gridics to improve their planning department processes.

Sound like something that could be a fit for your municipality, law firm, architecture firm, or development organization?

Join us on Wednesday, July 26th at 10am OR 1pm EDT for a free 30 min. webinar:  http://webinars.zonar.city/

We'll be giving you a behind the scenes look at the Gridics 3D zoning code management platform and covering valuable topics including how to:

  • Conduct faster & more accurate development plan reviews
  • Visualize 3D zoning capacity in real time
  • Test new zoning scenarios to improve development patterns
  • Improve transparency with the public

See you on Wednesday!

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