Inside Echo Aventura, Which Opens Itself to Residents and the World Today

Gridics Staff January 28, 2016 Development Pipeline
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Property Markets Group's Echo Aventura is done. Residents are moving into the 190 unit high-end building, taking possession of their units and beginning the inevitable wave of interior alterations and upgrades that begins when affluent owners finally get their hands on their brand new luxury condos.

To help with this 'second phase' of construction, the developer has announced that a four-person full time contracting team from John Moriarty & Associates will remain onsite for a year "to assist homeowners with any contracting work needed within their residences."

Feel like knocking down a wall? Done. Want to turn your spare bedroom into a recording studio? Boom! Need to hang your collection of chandeliers? They're your men. Calling it the Live Different Campaign, which is a name that only sort of makes sense, PMG wants its owners to know that even though they already have their money, they're still there to cater to their buyer's needs. “We are truly passionate about offering our buyers a next level experience.  So many developers walk away after closing a deal and completing a punch list, but PMG prides itself on catering to its residents. The Live Different campaign is a strategic plan that will allow us to do this" said Ryan Shear, Principal for PMG.

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