How Land Use Attorneys Are Streamlining Feasibility Studies With 3D Tech

Gridics Staff July 24, 2017 Events, Planning & Zoning, Technology, Trends

For years, zoning feasibility studies have been cumbersome and low-value (but necessary) work for the real estate community.  Thanks to 3D technology and digitized zoning codes, Gridics is on a mission to change the way land use attorneys conduct zoning reports once and for all.

It is now possible to run a feasibility report with just a few clicks of your mouse.  Major S. Florida law firms like Akerman, Gunster, and Shutts & Bowen, along with the City of Miami, are already using Gridics in their land use practices, and we encourage the rest of the Miami legal community to explore the benefits of the platform as well.

Join us on Tuesday, July 25th for a webinar to discuss the future of 3D zoning reports and the ways Gridics can streamline your Land Use & Real Estate practice.

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