How Jugofresh & Its Juice Built a Mini Miami Real Estate Empire

Gridics Staff December 09, 2015 Architecture & Design, Food & Drink, Trends, Urbanism
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Jugofresh is a homegrown Miami juice bar famously known for their organic, cold-pressed juices that can hit $12 a bottle, smoothies, and health foods.  Jugofresh has rapidly expanded throughout South Florida since its outset only three years ago, opening 10 storefronts (several at various Whole Foods supermarkets through a recent partnership), and one new headquarters, with two more stores on the way, and no signs of slowing down. Matthew Sherman, CEO and founder of Jugofresh, was first to Miami's cold-pressed juice scene, strategically opening his first location in 2012 in the budding Sunset Harbour neighborhood, paving the way for yogis and Flywheel junkies alike.

Jugofresh is more than just a juice bar, however. It's obvious that above all, the company is selling an experience -- from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave and post a photo of your açaí bowl on Instagram (Jugofresh has become so Instagram-worthy, Beyonce couldn't even resist).  Toting around a bottle of juice from Jugofresh has become one of Miami's "luxury status symbols."  Branding is clearly a major part of their success, all part of the plan to #raisethevibe and to get Miamians to #drinkmadjuice. 

The company's rapid expansion has demonstrated Sherman's commitment to the company's branding through savvy real-estate moves and a strict attention to design and detail. It has served to strengthen and reinforce the Jugofresh experience; they are often praised for producing store designs just as fresh as their juices. This achievement can be attributed to Sherman's dedication to this trademark, making known on several occasions that it's important for the storefronts to be inviting and mirror the neighborhoods they inhabit. The first store in Sunset Harbour was designed by Allison Almeida, Stephanie Tatum, and Robert Gallagher (founder of Gallagher/AP, and former Vice-President of Interior Design at Oppenheim Architecture + Design) reported Gallagher. In a conversation with Gallagher, he mentioned that the design was mostly “client-driven” with Matthew “playing around with very out-of-the-box concepts” (one being a “theatrical” display of produce and juice-making). The final concept was determined as a “grab-and-go” storefront to accommodate the needs of the urban, dense neighborhood, allowing for ease and efficiency, as well as room for storage. 

Jugofresh used Architect Allan Shulman and his firm, Shulman + Associates, as the Interior Designer and Architect for their stores in Wynwood, South Beach, and Coral Gables. Their ambitious headquarters in Lemon City, also designed by Shulman + Architects, has recently completed Phase I, which houses a kitchen and their corporate offices. Phase II was to be an elaborately designed 22,000 square foot addition with a hydroponics lab, commercial and juicing kitchens, office space, a 500-square-foot yoga studio, and vertical garden. According to Shulman + Associates, these plans will not come to fruition. 

Jugofresh has a "commitment to natural organic materials and high-tech production," two things that don't always go together.

As stated on Shulman + Architects’ website, the design for the company concentrates on "transparency as both a way to reveal how the juices are made, and as a way to make the stores more public." His stores feature reclaimed wood, luxurious white marble, and stainless steel finishes to showcase the "commitment to natural organic materials and high-tech production." The stores also feature graphic wallpaper by Flavor Paper "used extensively to introduce color and depth, a nod to the complexity and flavor of the company’s juices," all contributing to a sustainable, cool, clean ambience, pleasing the aesthetically-inclined juice drinker. As for each store, you'll have to stop by and experience it yourself. Not only is this interesting design-wise, but it's also a clever marketing strategy.


So, what's next for Jugofresh? There were reports of a new store opening on 7501 Biscayne Boulevard. Matthew Sherman recently released a statement to The Real Deal, however, indicating that they were unable to dedicate the time and effort to this store. According to The Real Deal, Sherman bought the property in June 2013 for $960,000, and two years later, he sold it to Alexander Karakhanian for $1.4 million, making a solid $440,000 profit. Sherman told The Real Deal that Jugofresh may become a tenant of this property in the future. 

Jugofresh's increasing popularity and heaps of press has turned their stores into destinations, which help to attract residents and tourists to their neighborhoods, arguably paving the way for more commercial investment. With a couple stores opening soon, a fruitful partnership with Whole Foods, and host to many community-wide events, it appears Jugofresh has successfully convinced Miami to #drinkmadjuice.  

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