Check Out These Four Adorable Buildings for Sale in South Beach

Gridics Staff January 18, 2016 Architecture & Design, Historic Preservation, Listings
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There is an allure to owning a quaint little apartment building, making friends with all your tenants, keeping up with building gossip, getting involved in each others lives, loaning sweet old Mrs. Dixie over in 2A a cup of sugar, that sort of thing. Places like that are probably more common in sitcoms (On I Love Lucy, the Mertzes were the landlords and best friends of the Ricardos, and hilarity ensued) and romantic comedies staring Meg Ryan, but hey, that's not saying the real life version isn't impossible. If you're in the mood for love-thy-neighbor living, or looking for a place with the potential to go condo for a nice cash out, check out these four great little buildings all for sale in the heart of South Beach.

1018 Jefferson Avenue: Building number one, above, is on the market for $5.7 million. Currently used as a bed and breakfast, the property consists of a renovated three-bedroom single family house as well as an accessory guest building with seven more rooms. There's a saltwater pool in the lushly landscaped yard in between, and the interiors are funky and a little dated, but in a heartwarming sort of way. Keep it like it is or go condo and convert the front building into two units and the back into studios.

927 Jefferson Avenue: Just down the road, a single family house has been converted into three residential units, with an additional two in outbuildings out back. The exterior has a bold paint job of yellow and blue, while the interiors are surprisingly restrained and downright classy. It's on the market for $3.9 million.

1443 West Avenue: Over on West Avenue, this ten unit building has some decent art deco flair that could really shine with a bit of remodeling and a good paint job (what's with that green?). Little details include eyebrow overhangs above the windows and a 'planter' with a hedge in it that looks like it might be hiding a fountain. It's on the market for $2.425 million.

529 15th Street: Lastly, here's a real art deco stunner just dripping in 'streamline modern flair' (it looks alright in the broker's photos but even better in real life, we swear). There are wrap-around iron balconies, long eyebrows over the windows, and wood floors throughout. According to the Miami Design Preservation League, the building was historically named the 'Cameo.' The three story building comes with 19 residential units (mostly studios but also a smattering of one and two bedrooms), and architecturally sensitive updates like impact-resistant glass windows, and a newer roof. It's fully leased and on the market for $6.25 million.

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