2016-01-21 17:22:29 -0500

Gridics Staff January 21, 2016 Planning & Zoning, Urbanism

Claiming your project will have the 'next Lincoln Road' is a popular past time among Miami developers. Craig Robins has said that the Miami Design District's Paseo Ponti will be Lincoln Road meets Bal Harbour Shops. The Related Group's plan to pedestrianize South Miami Avenue through Brickell is modeled after Lincoln Road, with its mix of shops and restaurants. Miami Worldcenter's pedestrian streets have already been described as copies of Lincoln Road, while the planned Mall at Miami Worldcenter, now that it has been converted from a traditional enclosed mall to an exterior pedestrian mall, sounds even more Lincoln Road-ish than ever.

So, it comes as little surprise that the planners of Flagler Street's Downtown transformation are now claiming that that thoroughfare could be the 'next Lincoln Road.' Neisen Kasdin, vice chair of the Miami Downtown Development Authority recently told Globe St. “Flagler Street can be to downtown Miami what Lincoln Road has been to South Beach, a unique pedestrian attraction." The thing is, of course, that Lincoln Road is incredibly unique, but also incredibly hard to copy. Flagler Street is Downtown Miami's historic main street, and with the rehab that is currently underway, the substantial upgrades to surrounding buildings that developer Moishe Mana is planning, and the progression of major nearby projects, including MiamiCentral, it will certainly become its own, actually unique, great destination before it's just a second rate Lincoln Road.

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