Feature Packed Functionality

Powerful tools that allow you to take full advantage of every Gridics dataset and make the data useful in your everyday work routine.
Every Regulation & Use

ZoneIQ can recreate any use, rule, variance, or bonus. It is fully customizable and works with all current and future regulations.

Any Zoning Code

Whether Euclidean, form-based, or hybrid, ZoneIQ works with any type of zoning code. Simply calibrate the code to get started.

Site-Specific Results

Translates site specific conditions for any parcel or assemblage and delivers stunningly accurate results.

Database Integration

Our extensible API Integrates with geospatial and property record databases to provide seamless integration.

Shared Folders

Organize and share content with colleagues and clients using Gridics public and private folders.

Saved Search

Set custom alerts with properties, buildings, neighborhoods, districts, transit, zoning, and much more.

Export CSV / Excel

Select columns and export any searched dataset for further manipulation in Excel or any other spreadsheet application.

Export Maps

Print any map for use in a presentation or report. Print beautiful clustered maps, neighborhood maps, and more.

Export Charts

Print any chart for use in a presentation or report.

Statistics Tab

Get powerful insight into millions of data points with powerful statistics, charts, and aggregations in seconds.

Pivot Tables

Extract the significance from large, detailed data sets by aggregating and grouping millions of data points with the click of a button.

GIS Map Tiles

Colorful map tiles displaying important datasets. Tiles are exportable and printable to add life to any presentation or report.

Transportation Network Search

Take spatial search beyond the radius. Use walking, driving, public transit, and bicycling in spatial searches.

Polygon Search

Draw your own polygon on the map and find recorded sales, taxes, transit, properties, listings, and much more.

Advanced Filters

Get dozens of additional filters to slice any dataset like never before.

1-Click Reports

Beautiful, comprehensive reports across all Gridics datasets. Gridics PLUS users are entitled to 5 free reports a month.

Custom Tables

Set your favorite columns and personalize gridics data so only your most relevant information shows.

Chart Builder

Powerful and flexible chart builder to find meaning in the data. Export for further use.

Save Time

Save time searching through 1,000 page books of zoning codes.

Perform Analysis in Minutes

With all the data in one place, analysis is a breeze.

Make Better Buying Decisions

Perform quicker and more accurate due diligence on potential properties.

Perform Analysis in Minutes

Our powerful patent pending algorithm makes analysis of any property quick and easy.

Uncover Development Potential

Understand the most efficient program to maximize development potential of any site.

Design Zoning Codes

Design new codes and test the impact virtually.

Identify The Most Efficient Use

Run dozens of scenarios for any building use whether residential, commercial, industrial, or other.

Generate Useful Reports

Useful reports mean up-front and clear information to close deals faster.

Leverage Our Full Platform

ZoneIQ forms part of an entire suite of products that are designed to help you navigate different needs within zoning and real estate.