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Urban planning and large scale development are not easy. While Gridics provides municipal governments and developers with  software products to better support their initiatives, our team of world-renowned urban planners, architects, and business strategists also provide bespoke consulting services for added assistance. From mapping out proposed special area plans to assisting cities with their TODs and identifying needed infrastructure upgrades due to city growth, Gridics is the pre-eminent champion of smart and sustainable growth that you should look to have on your team.

Here are a few of our initiatives:

Zoning Code Health Check

Zoning codes are often too complex and lead to redundancies that ultimately confuse developers and reduce transparency in the zoning approval process. Let us provide a health check on your zoning code; it’s an audit that allows us to understand your city’s unique priorities and concerns so we can focus on the real calculations that matter, while trimming the fat on all other redundancies that only cause noise.

Learn about our health checks

Full Development Buildout

Often, city governments struggle to understand what their neighborhoods would look like if fully built out to maximum capacity according to their zoning codes. As America’s attention turns back to its urban centers and developers look to invest in opportunity zones, consider working with Gridics to re-examine what your zoning code already allows for.

View Case Study: Miami’s review of the Wynwood Art District

TOD Development Analysis

Transit oriented development is quickly becoming a bedrock in the redevelopment of city centers across the country. If your city is looking to reduce traffic congestion and wasted space on parking lots, but you’re concerned by the risk of building a public transit system that nobody ends up using, be sure to invest in solid research beforehand. We can help.

View Case Study: Finding the right location for Miami’s newest Tri-Rail station

Zoning: Before and After

Sometimes, city governments see a need to overhaul their existing zoning codes. Before they formally propose and commit to any change, though, it can be helpful for them to build out a scenario for how the re-zoning would impact a neighborhood’s density, visual feel, and even supporting infrastructure, like sewage lines and streets. Gridics can help ensure that your re-zone or complete overhaul will be a success and well-received by constituents.

View Case Study: Re-Zoning in Port Chester, NY

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