What is CodeHUB?

CodeHUB is raising the bar on municipal code and ordinance management by aiming to deliver the most up to date and easy to use platform for cities to easily edit, publish and share their municipal codes while providing a friendly way for residents and developers to find and organize the key information they need.

Integrated 3D Map and Data Layers

Filter properties with our advanced zoning layers, show proposed zoning changes to stakeholders, and analyze real estate data at a parcel-specific level.
View the development potential of your municipality

Easy Editing and Management

Stop dreading having to make updates to your zoning code. Managing text, images and tables on CodeHUB is a breeze.
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Searchable Zoning Code

Blazing fast and fully searchable zoning codes allow citizens, developers, and city staff to find exactly what they're looking for.
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Bookmark and Share

Ever wanted to save a reference or share an exact part of the city code? CodeHUB makes bookmarking and sharing a breeze.
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Branding and Maintenance

CodeHUB can be fully white labeled in such a way that cities are able to double down on their brands while also staying connected to Gridics support and feature updates.
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Versioning and Collaboration

Enable city staff to collaborate on a version of the city’s code and roll back changes if needed.
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Part of the Gridics Platform

CodeHUB is more than just a digital version of a city's zoning code. It's a core element in an integrated suite of products that help cities streamline their planning and zoning while also providing valuable tools for residents and developers.

For Cities

For Residents

Zone Review & Scenario Planning
Speed up your zoning review of developer submissions while also testing the ramifications of potential changes to your code.
Development Potential
Conduct site-specific zoning analysis on single parcels, assemblages, or corridors to uncover available variances and permits, see parking requirements, and determine overall project feasibility.
Integrated Maps
Combine your property records and GIS data with our zoning engine to deliver unparalleled zoning maps for your residents' use.
Zone & Property Search
Search property records and triangulate with both zoning maps and advanced filters to find the precise information you need and generate client-ready reports.
Code Management
Manage, update, and share your zoning codes like never before. Take it a step further and integrate CodeHUB with other Gridics products to quote specific passages whenever and wherever needed.
Searchable Zoning Codes
View, search, save, and share municipal zoning codes to find and reference the information you need more easily than ever.

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