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TOD: Analyzing Proposed Zoning Changes Bordering a New Transit Line

The City of Albuquerque needed to analyze proposed zoning code changes that would increase density around stations along a new BRT transit line. These changes are expected to be enacted as a new zoning regulation.

Use of ZoneIQ
The City of Albuquerque engaged Gridics, Urban 3, Crab Tree Group, DPZ, Placemakers, and CNT to provide recommendations and understand the development potential along the new transit line. Gridics' ZoneIQ technology was used to analyze empty lots and understand the potential of proposed zoning changes.

ZoneIQ data was then used for tax and financial forecasting, to analyze potential infrastructure demand, and to model new incentives to encourage development. ZoneIQ identified unwanted outcomes with the new code in study, including non-compliance of empty parcels. Alternative solutions were tested with ZoneIQ in real-time at public workshops.

Results are currently being used to create new legislation for the proposed TOD.


"As consultants to both municipalities and developers alike, we have seen just how useful ZoneIQ is on both sides of the zoning equation. I wouldn’t want to analyze the implications of zoning change without it."

Matt Lambert
DPZ Partner
Type Municipal: TOD Study
Qty of Properties 10,000+
Area Size 5/8 mile around each transit station

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